Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tangle Swap Showcase  (Joyce Block).

Today is Easter & I hope that this is a warm & wonderful day. I am sending wishes for a Happy Easter to all!

Today I am going to post the creation of Joyce Block CZT 7. She lives in WI. She has given me permission to post her tiles. These are the four tiles for the swap she sent to me.

                  To see this enlarged, just click on the image.

Again I have it orientated with the U on it's side, with the curved area on the right. Please feel free to leave any comments. Enjoy!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tangle Swap Showcase  (Pam Lisak)

This is a series that I will be posting every few days. My last postings were of the CZT ensemble swap. I showcased my tiles before, & then again after shading. Now you will get to see the creations of my fellow CZT's that participated in this swap with me.

Each of these ensembles were sent to me from each person that created them. I have asked permission from each CZT to post their tiles as they were sent to me. They have each agreed to allow me to show off their tiles. They are shown put together according to the string that we all used. 

The string for this ensemble swap was a M (upright) & then upside down. Then we have the U on it's side with the curve on the right hand side. I will keep this orientation throughout the showcase. You can imagine it looks like  (   lXl   ) pushed together. The sideways U is shoved through the lXl.

So let's get started. I am randomly posting these. No specific order.

        This first set here was created by Pam Lisak CZT 7
       You can contact her by email at
                             From Whitinsville, MA
She proudly shares the same town as our Zentangle® founders, Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas!

Click on the image to enlarge it for better viewing.

I hope you will take a moment to comment on Pam's creation. Thank you for stopping by!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The CZT swap ensemble is shaded now.

                         Here are the tiles after being shaded.
                                    Completed on 3/11/13

You can click on the image to get a closer look at it. Shading the tiles added depth & more interest. You can shade in many different ways. With the true zentangle® method, we use pencils for shading. That is what I did on these zentangles. I made light pencil markings where I wanted & used a tortillon to smooth out the graphite. You can go back & add more graphite if you want it darker. I always do it lightly at first, going back to add more to darken it up. Remember, since we do not use erasers, darken it up a little at a time until you get just what you want.

The first ensemble swap came in from Illinois. I am hoping to post them all here after I get permission from each CZT. So far 8 of us have completed the tiles & posted to our CZT FB page.

One of many benefits from becoming a CZT is we have sites that only CZT's have access to. Since we are many, from all over the world, we are able to stay in contact & learn from each other. We are a very creative group & great resource for each other.

The Missing U tile swap came about from an event. Some of us would like to have attended this event but are unable. The event is a higher learning event back east. Over 50 CZT's will be attending. They are having a swap at the event. Hence, those who cannot attend have decided to create our own swap "Missing U".

Our many CZT groups have swaps often for any CZT's who wish to participate. We just had a Valentine swap. There is a Earth day swap going on now. Seems that all most every month a swap is going on.

This is my first time participating in a swap. So I tend to jump in the deep end first. I am hosting this swap. I organized the event. I asked for feedback about the string to use, & then created it. I keep in contact with those in this swap. As the ensembles are completed they are mailed to me. After I have received them all, I will break them apart & piece 4 different CZT tiles together. Those are then mailed back to each participant. This will be another way to learn a bit more about other CZT's. This is also fun & we have some surprises in store!

So go back to the last post prior to this & take a good look at the tiles before shading. You can compare the before & after. Which ones do you like better? Why? This is a good exercise to get insight into what you like & may not like, especially why. You may also be inspired to try something differently. That would be great!

For my next post I will show you a new pattern I created Monday while teaching a class. In fact I came up with two. I had the class help name the patterns. I need to do a little research to make sure these patterns are not published already by someone else. Until then, tangle away & have fun creating! Remember, if you have any questions, or would like to leave a comment please do so. I would love to hear from you! Thank you.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tangle Swap among CZT's

I have been busy with a new project. I have a group of about 15 CZT's that are doing a 4 tile ensemble swap. We are using 4 original tiles, pushed together to create a big square. The string we are using is made up of a capital M, right side up & upside down. Then we have a capital U laying sideways from one side to the other. I have just finished tangling the four tiles & fit them back together. I have them here for you to see.  

As you look along the right side You can notice the curve. This is the bottom of the U. You can click on the photo to see a close up.

These tiles have not been shaded at all. Official zentangle® tiles are not white. All of the tangles were done using the Sakura Micron pens & brush pen in black ink. I use the brush pen for coloring in the bigger areas of black ink. Not only does that go faster but the paper texture stays perfect.

I wanted you to see what this looks like before shading. Shading your drawings can give them more dimension & make things pop up, curve, bend & dip. I will post this again after the shading is completed. This will give you the opportunity to explore the differences. Pay attention to the far upper right hand corner. This tangle should stand out more after it is shaded.

I did add a thin frame around the four tiles. This could be framed now. Posting them with frames helps me to clean up the empty space from the scanned pictures. You can also do the same. I use Most of the things on this site are free. You do not have to sign up either. If you want to do more elaborate things, they charge for those. You can play & try different settings until you find just the look you want.

I will be posting again with the tiles shaded & tell you more about this swap. Enjoy!

Enriching our lives through uncovering pathways!